Tuesday, July 27, 2004

For Joey

Joey keeps insisting that I create a blog, so I've finally given in to the trendiness that is writing down what happened to me today with the incredible delusion that someone who reads it will care.

Today Joey came into the office, talking about his first hooker sighting. My first hooker sighting was in Atlanta a few years ago, but Joey's was at Piccadilly (the restaurant, not England). Although British hookers do have an appeal.

At any rate, after Joey kept insisting on creating a blog because he would read it, I made this. Joey, this one's for you. You'd better read this every day.


TVonthefritz said...

I'll cherish it forever.

Wendy said...

You'd better! It's truly a masterpiece, inspired by you.

Anonymous said...

What about Erica?

Wendy said...

Yes, Erica is superfly. OK, I so can't pull off that word.