Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rules of Engagement: Part 2

Remember back when Travis got engaged? Well, now you do!

So he's married now. Again, not to me. And why am I bothered by this? I'm in a relationship, I know Travis and I would've been terrible together, so what is this sadness?

I assume it's my own realization that I'm not going to get all those things I wanted seeing (as how I'm 24 at the moment).

I won't be married by 22.

I won't have three kids by age 30.

I won't have a college degree by age 23.

How much more of my life is going to slip away before something changes?

So I'm going to drink away my pain. Because that's the irresponsible thing to do. But it makes me feel good.

At the risk of being redundant, this one goes out to someone who will never read this. For what it's worth, I enjoyed the ride.

"Champagne High" one more time

I wasn't looking for a lifetime with you
And I never thought it would hurt just to hear
"I do" and "I do"
And I do a number on myself
And all that I thought to be
And you'll be the one
That just left me undone
By my own, hesitation

and for the million hours that we were
well I'll smile and remember it all
then I'll turn and go
while your story's completed mine is a long way from done.

Well I'm on a champagne high
Where will I be when I stop wondering why
On a champagne high
I'd toast to the future but that'd be a lie
On a champagne high, high

Spring turned to summer
But then winter turned to mean
The distance seemed right
At the time it was best - to leave
And to leave behind
What I once thought was fine And so real - to me
And while I'm still gone
On the quest for my song
I'm at your - celebration

Bridge & Chorus

Your wagon's been hitched to a star
Well now he'll be your thing that's new
Yeah what little I have you can borrow
'Cause I'm old and I'm blue...


Well I'm on a champagne high (so high)
Where will I be when I stop wondering why
On a champagne high (so high)
Toast to the future but that'd be a lie
On a champagne high
Where will I be when I stop wondering why
On a champagne high...high...
So high so high you left me undone
so high, so high you left me undone...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Only Six Months Until the Fourth of July!

Well, it's the fourth day of the new year, and this is the first I've gotten to blog about it. 2006 was a year of change for me, which I will recap later when I have the time.

First off, some resolutions:

1) Take better care of myself. That means exercising more regularly, eating more fruit (let's not kid ourselves - I'm not going to do the vegetable thing), sleeping when I'm tired, and taking vacations at least every eight months.

2) Stop neglecting my blog. This one's going to be hard, seeing as though I still don't have Internet access at my apartment. Maybe I'll get it. Probably not - my lease is up in four months.

3) Make strides in getting out of debt. This means I need to pay off at least one credit card, ideally two. I need to put some cushion money in savings (right now I have a paltry $200). I also need to live somewhere with fewer expenses ($300-$400 a month max), which probably means moving back home in May.

4) Stop bitching about my life and change it. For instance, if I'm not married by the time I'm 27, I'm moving. Something drastic, too, like across an ocean or something. If North America isn't showing me the love by then, it's time for a change of scenery.

The recap 2006 introspective blog will probably appear Sunday.