Sunday, January 16, 2005

3 Chicks, 3 Davids, and a Non-David

I haven't blogged in a while. I feel bad. I really haven't done much of anything other than work. So here's what happened.

Last weekend Leslie was in town, and she and Jen and I went to Bailey's, where we ran into 3 high school Davids, and some guy whose name we couldn't remember. These guys were far too cool for us in high school, but now my hair's longer and my boobs are bigger, so they can talk to me. We ended up going to one David's house to have some drinks and shoot some pool. It was a good night, especially because they admitted they were assholes in high school.

The other day, Vicki and I went bowling and hung out. I then went to K-Mart, where I ran into the Non-David. Yeah, I still can't remember his name.

I had an interview with Holly, the woman who's going to manage the new Smyrna Starbucks. Keep your fingers crossed that this will rescue me from the hell that is my current job. Face Mecca and pray.

I promise to blog more now that I'll be on campus as of Tuesday. What's on my agenda? Meeting with Jack and begging him to let me into his Philosophy and Film class. Here's hoping!


theogeo said...

Wendy, I got your message and, true to my scatterbrained nature, forgot to call you back. Eeergh. Anyway, I got the library job out of sheer luck. I called the info desk and they said to call each library department and inquire about jobs. Apparently they don't keep a master list of employment opportunities. So I called the Curriculum Library and they happened to need someone at the time. I set up an interview with Cheryl Richardson and she hired me on the spot. Later, I was promoted from student helper to textbook assistant. Both pay minimum wage but the textbook assistant job has more flexible hours. I can e-mail Cheryl and see if she has any openings if you'd like. Good luck!

J. R. said...

Three high-school Davids who were assholes.

I wish I knew who you were talking about.

Damn it.

Hit me sometime