Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Where I Got Friends Who Care for Me"

OAKLAND, CA: I'm in California for my first vacation in three years, and it's definitely long overdue. Today I spent the morning in Berkeley, and visited the intersection of Virginia and La Loma, from the Counting Crows song "Perfect Blue Buildings."

A lot has happened to warrant the vaca - my parents' divorce was final last Friday. I've moved to Chattanooga, and while I tell people I'm doing OK there, I'm really not. I think I grind my teeth in my sleep on account of the stress, and my jaws are killing me.

We're hitting up a bar later tonight, then tomorrow I'm cruising around San Fran. Sometime this week, Erica and I are probably going to get in on some Hot Yoga. The weather here is nice. I could see myself moving here at some point. It seems fitting, as I have so much to run away from.

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