Saturday, September 13, 2008

OK, I'm Drawing the Line on Palin and Republicans

Seriously, people, what the fuck? That's all I can think to say. I watched the Palin interview yesterday, and it was the most amateur, frightening thing ever. So I just have to rant about this because if I keep it all inside my head will explode.

You can see Russia from parts of Alaska?! Who the hell cares?! That doesn't qualify you to HAVE THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES, or, as Palin would say, NUCULAR launch codes. You know who else pronounces it that way? Homer Simpson!

Ever since McCain announced his running mate, I was apalled, and not just because I'm so liberal I'm almost a socialist, but because I'm a woman. I am an intelligent woman, and I am shocked (although I shouldn't be) that Republicans, whom I don't hold in high regard as a group to begin with, would stoop to this level as to nominate a practially fascist woman in hopes that the rest of us are so utterly stupid that we're going to vote for an unqualified moron because she's a woman, too.

I'd like to say that I have complete and total respect for women, or men for that matter, who devote their time to raising a family. However, when you're gunning for the second highest position of power in the nation, running as a "hockey mom" is ridiculous. A "hockey mom" can't be VP, and it has nothing to do with her gender or the number of kids she's had. It has everything to do with thinking that marketing yourself as a "hockey mom" is going to get you votes and make you appear credible.

Palin is so far out of her league that the interview was painful to watch. I had to keep pausing it to go on a tangent rant about how ridiculous the whole thing is. And I am making a pledge, right here for everyone to see: If we lose the White House and Congress this November, I'm out. Fuck this place, I'm going to Canada or Europe. I am not going to sit idly by while my freedoms are slowly chiseled away until all that's left is a statue that resembles a CEO bathing is his own riches, stepping on the heads of anyone around him and having the nerve to call it gumption.

There is a good chance that, if elected, Dick Cheney will not survive his first term, and that isn't even taking into account the quick aging and stress that comes with being POTUS. So I ask you, why in the hell would you want this woman to be President? It would be a huge setback for women, because she would just fuck it up, and then women wouldn't have a shot at the White House for 100 years.

I'm also tired of hearing this nonsense of liberals being snobs and elitists. Did you sleep through history? Do you know who founded this country? Let me give you a quick refresher: It was the wealthy, rich men! They were the snobby elitists of their time. Hell, they thought only they should be able to vote. But they did come up with a few good things, like the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. And who has the nerve to call a man raised by a single mom an elitist just because he doesn't buy into your warped ideology?

Republicans are elitist, too. They think the upper 1% shouldn't have to have to pitch in a little bit extra when April 15 rolls around. They think corporations should have carte blanche. They love money so much I'm surprised there isn't an altar they go to every week just for the purpose of reveling in the idea of riches. They think anyone who opposes the war is unpatriotic and does not support the troops. Hell, I support the troops so much I want them to come home to their wives and children before one more becomes the victim or a roadside bomb. That's something you don't get over. Wrapping your elitism in a flag and calling it patriotism is the equivalent of me putting on a Colts jersey and saying I'm Peyton Manning - it doesn't fool anyone.

Back to Palin now. I almost feel sorry for this woman. McCain did her a great disservice by asking her to run without even properly vetting her first. Watching the interview, it was clear to me that no one even bothered to prep this woman. Sit up straight. Know the Bush Doctrine. When you're going to claim you're ready to be President, you might want to pick up a newspaper that was published in the last 7 years so you don't come across as a complete moron.

Someone needs to at least give this former beauty queen a refresher course in posture, and I don't mean walking around in heels with a book on your head. Just sit/stand up straight. It's not that hard. Hopefully, one of these campaign masterminds is at least going to give her a few lines that aren't so obviously forced into her brain before the debates, and maybe they should mention that repeating the same thing over and over just lets everyone know that no one gave you any other response to that question.

If Palin doesn't get her act together before the debates, it's going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Or wolves from a plane.

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