Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh, Fuck, I Dropped My Crackers! OR Here I Come to Save the Gays!

I'm sitting in the Sidelines office with Manda, Colby, Matt, K-Hall, and the rest of the gang. Erica's here, too. I'm going to blog about Erica someday, but today is no such day.

I arrived in the office after working on my day off. I had an interview with Kristin (ne K-Hall) and found out that I'm going to do the Web site again next semester. Translation: I don't suck!

I also found out that instead of our usual March trip to NYC, we're jetting off to San Francisco, the land of cable cars, Rice-A-Roni, and Full House - a gay man's dream. Unfortunately, I am no gay man, though this is truly only unfortunate from a blogging perspective.

I won the lottery! Actually, I just got an extra pack of crackers out of the vening machine, but since I wasn't using my own money in the first place, it's like winning the lottery.

I got to see Adam for a whole 40 minutes last night before he had to go home. This sucks. This more than sucks. It sure was nice when we could do something other than meet up and say, "Hi. How are you? I missed you. I'm tired. I have to go now."

Hi. How are you? I missed you. I'm tired. I have to go now.

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