Saturday, September 11, 2004


Wow. I've really been neglecting my blog lately. How sad.

Actually, I was on vacation for a while. After that, I went right back to school, living in my apartment with no Internet access. Hence my lack of blogging.

So what's been happening to me the past 16 days, you ask? Well, I have a boyfriend now! But I refuse to be one of those girls who blogs about her boyfriend, so that's all for that.

I had entirely too much fun deleting some people from my cell phone. You know, every now and then you've got to scroll through the numbers, and if you find yourself asking "Who is that?" it's time to erase and shout "DELETED!"

I have a virtual pet thing named Spike. He's three. He's sleeping right now, so he can't come out to play. Oh well. Adam and Tina are both on their second pet - theirs died. But Spike lives!

My work screwed up my check AGAIN this week and didn't put my raise on it, so they owe me a hefty bit of cash whenever they decide to backpay me for their screwups.

My tattoo is now finished - it has color, and it looks really good. Next stop on the Wendy Express: Eyebrow ring.

Well, now I'm going to eat my Jersey Mike's sub and watch The Rundown or various episodes of Buffy Season 2. And yes, I know this blog was extremely lame and not as witty as I usually am. I promise to be more charming next time.

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See that you do.