Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Piece of Shit Car" - Not the Adam Sandler Song

Well, what a joyous few days I've had. I wish there were some HTML code for sarcasm.

Actually, I've had a mix of days.

Wednesday, I had a run-in with the Devil. How in the hell, in all the bars in the greater Nashville area, do I end up at the same bar as the Devil? I mean, is this some kind of cruel karmic joke that I don't get because I'm still too traumatized to be in the same zip code as this person, let alone the same room? But I digress...

Friday, the car wouldn't start. I've been driving my dad's since my wouldn't start a few weeks ago. Well, shit. So now the red car, which used to be my car and is now my dad's, won't start. Guess what it needs? A battery! Well, hot damn! So I call my dad, who comes over to Dan's so we can get a new battery and then...TRY TO INSTALL IT!

This wouldn't normally be a blog-worthy task, but there's this metal mount thing over the battery, and it won't move! The screws are so happy to be holding my dead battery in place that they won't even budge - and my dad's a big guy. So, with some help from a hammer, screwdriver, and some vice grips, my dad proceeds to BREAK IT! I mean he literally tore the metal apart so we could lift it to replace the battery. This whole process took several hours, and I had to miss work.

Then, whilst driving home this afternoon, the transmission starts acting weird. I was stopping off at SmyrnaBux and had to gun the gas to get it to go into reverse, and then it started slipping. Now, I've known this transmission needed to be replaced for a while (Misty drove it for 120,000 miles and never serviced it), and I had planned to do it last year, but then the radiator was all fucked, so I had to replace that. I even asked for a transmission service for Christmas, but it wasn't meant to be. Well, wouldn't you know it, I'm in traffic on West End and BAM! The fucking car DIES at a red light. It took me a few times to get it started again, and I turned into the first parking lot and called Dan, and then my dad, because the damn thing won't shift.


I'd make the font bigger, but there isn't a large enough font to convey my anger/humiliation/overall shitty luck.

On the plus side, I got Mannix back for a bit, but of course, it has only a quarter tank of gas, and I'd just filled up the red death machine an hour earlier.

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theogeo said...

You and Phil could get together to form the Super Team of Suck when it comes to your luck with cars. Yeesh.