Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Matt and I ate air freshener.

I only ate it because Nick said, "It says, 'Tastes like candy. Eat all of it at once.'" Matt, however, ate it because he's an idiot.

We've yet to figure out whether or not it's toxic (I was gonna Google it, but we're not sure what brand it is), but it's been a few minutes and no one's passed out yet.

It tastes just like it smells. And it smells like citrusy goodness. And chewing gum.

So Nick (no last name) tried to get everyone in the office to eat the air freshener. He was unsuccessful, and he didn't even eat any himself. He doesn't know what a treat he's missing.

I sometimes feel good about myself because the SGA and all the people at this university help contribute to our yearly trip of getting wasted and galivanting around a big city.

I'm glad that at home I have some Dove truffles (courtesy of Adam) at home to take the taste out of my mouth. At least my mouth is citrusy fresh.

While discussing the Hubbert Peak (not long after air freshener appetizers), Kristin suggested that we're really not running out of oil, and we'll be able to survive if we take over all the countries that have it because they're "greedy little bastards."

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