Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Vagina Monoblogues

So it's been a while since I've blogged, but I've had good reason. Erica introduced me to this great game, and I've been sucked into DynoMite ever since.

We've had an interesting day in the office. It's been a sad day for journalism, as several stories have had blatant errors or have just sucked.

OK, you bastards, stop playing DynoMite and keep reading. The game will still be there. Damn me and my links.

There are several new countries I'm unaware of, but according to a story, they're real: Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Yeah. Not countries.

Did you know that the vagina is a metaphor?

I immediately contested this.

"My vagina's not a metaphor! It's real!" I screamed in protest.

Speaking of vaginas, Valentine's Day is coming up. Yeah, that's completely unrelated.

I'm deeply disturbed that it's Wednesday night and I still have no Valentine's Day plan, other than my 6 p.m. date with my Risk Management class. And I know that Adam usually doesn't work on Mondays, so I'm hoping I'll get to do something with him, being as though my Valentine's Days usually suck.

So, if I have no Valentine's Day plans by Thursday night, I'm going to have my own Valentine's Day celebration and go out after class with Erica and have some drinks or watch TV or something.

Oh, and I'm now Jay's Watch. And Joey is still awesome.

And, for those who just can't help but wonder, my metaphorical vagina is OK. Not LIKE OK, because that would be a simile. It IS OK.

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TVonthefritz said...

Of course, Valentine's Day was created by the American card companies to generate more money in the dead of winter.
Therefore, I don't feel too bad about being single on Valentine's Day. Damn corporate bastards.