Monday, April 04, 2005

Like Everything Else in Life, This Blog Is about ME

Wow! The entire Opinions page got picked up by UWIRE today, including yours truly. I also received a fan letter and a Web site comment. Check me out here on the Sidelines Web site: Pageants about beauty, not disability.

In other news, I've received this damn e-mail several times, so I'm just going to reply to it on my blog. This one's for the sorority, and anyone else who cares. I encourage everyone to do this, because I did.

Nine things you're looking forward to ...
1. The new Harry Potter book
2. Graduating, whenever that will be
3. Getting back to dancing
4. Tattooing something on my lower back (I'm open to suggestions)
5. Moving into my house with Tina
6. Getting married
7. Getting my taxes done (and hopefully getting a refund)
8. Getting Mannix back so I'll have access to my CDs again
9. The next time I go to New York

Eight things you always wear ...
1. A bellybutton ring (usually my zipper one)
2. My tattoo
3. A hematite ring
4. Some kind of top (preferably my cherry tank top)
5. A thong
6. At least two earrings in each ear
7. Some kind of bottom (preferably tight jeans or capris)
8. My tiger's eye Buddha necklace

Seven things that annoy you ...
1. Bad drivers
2. Writers who misspell important things in their stories
3. Bad grammar
4. The washing machine being occupied when I really need to do laundry
5. This headache of death I've been experiencing for three weeks now
6. Not getting enough sleep (which leads to more than seven things annoying me)
7. Stupid people

Six things you say everyday ...
1. Fuck
2. Fascist
3. True
4. Me, I, or some other self reference
5. Bitch
6. Blog
**BONUS: I just made a sentence using all three words. Thanks to Joey for letting me say it to him: "Fuck you, fascist! It's true, I am the bitch of the blog!"
Five things you do everyday ...
1. Wake up and get out of bed
2. Brush teeth, shower, and other personal hygiene tasks
3. Bitch about something
4. Drive
5. Work at Starbucks, Sidelines, or both!

Four people you want to spend more time with ...
1. Adam
2. Myself
3. Johnny Depp
4. My superfly peeps (yes, this means you)

Three movies you watch over & over again ...
What's with the ampersand? I mean, really, just type it out. Add that to my list of annoyances.
1. Garden State
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. Office Space
**TV on DVD I watch over AND over again: Buffy the Vampire Slayer**

Two of your favorite songs at the moment ...
Let it be know, I'm over this elipsis. Oh, I use the phrase "I'm so over [blank]" every day, too.
1. "Your Latest Trick" - my favorite song of all time
2. "Live Forever" - the Counting Crows cover version

One thing you want to do before you die ...
1. Finish this survey. Sweet! I did it! Now I can die happily. Actually, I'd like to dance in the rain.

Instead of a song of the, today I'll have a quote from my favorite book, Catch-22:
"If I had gotten syphilis or a dose of clap for five minutes of passion on the beach instead of this damned mosquito bite, I could see some justice. But malaria? Malaria? Who can explain malaria as a consequence of fornication?"

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