Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bell Road Starbucks Heartache

Define awkward: I saw Nick Saturday at the AIDS walk. Then tonight we met up for a bit so he could read my cards. Conclusion: It doesn't hurt anymore. I think it probably stopped hurting shortly after he got married, but you never can tell until you actually see the person.

I find myself struggling through work at the office every day. I know that's a big source of all the stress I'm feeling, and I ought to just throw in the towel. I've never been one for giving up, though.

I've somehow let myself get behind in all of my classes. Wait, not all: I'm kicking ass in tap dance!

I miss Leslie. I wish she were here. Sometimes I just need the best friend since fourth grade.

I miss the hell out of JR. Come back already!

I danced tonight. It felt great to just let everything go. "Whatever you feel, dance it." Cheesy but true. Today I was tapping out my job frustration, hip-hopping away my financial woes, and then jazzing just for the hell of it.

I have a test at 8. I'm not even remotely prepared, but I'm going to try for it anyway.

Song of the Day: I'm really into Rob Thomas and the Wallflowers lately. Let's go with "The Beautiful Side of Somewhere" by the Wallflowers.

Tomorrow is gonna make you cry
It's gonna to make you kneel
Before it breaks you from inside
Still pressing on
Arm over arm
Still trying to get both feet back onto the ground
They are harvesting these fields in autumn.
We're different now than when we started

I am ready to wake up
There in the exodus
On the beautiful side of somewhere baby

There on the pavement
Underneath the yellow moon
I think of you
And just how easily we bruise
The folded address in my pocket I have stuffed
Trying to believe for you
That the bottom didn't drop
I am on the platform
Covered with dust
I pray they take the both of us

I am ready to wake up
There in the exodus
On the beautiful side of somewhere baby
I am ready to come down
To see us both somehow
On the beautiful side of somewhere someday

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