Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Erica Checked Out My Rack

She totally did. After a brief phone conversation with her, I came into the office in my favorite shirt (my cherry tank top). The cherries are located kind of upward of my breasts, which apparently is clothing talk for "Check out my rack."

Well, I immediately called her out on it, to which she replied that the cherries were just calling to her to look, to which I replied they were calling to everyone, not just her.

And that's the story of the day Erica checked out my rack. At least, the day that I know of. I have a few good breast shirts, so I'm sure there are more occasions I'm unaware of.

It's a bit more lackluster than the title suggests, but it's amusing nonetheless.

And now I'm off to Dairy Queen for me and Colby, because I'm a putz.

Actually, it's because it's Colby's birthday, and I'm the best copy editor ever!

Wow. It's been a while since anyone's stroked my ego. I almost forgot what it felt like.

Adendum: When I told Erica of the title, she replied with an overly-enthusiastic "I love it!"

"My rack, or the title?" I inquired.

She suggested I change to title to something involving how my rack jumped out at her, but I'm not really into that.

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Wirthy said...

Congratulations on the nice rack.