Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm No Elle Woods, But This Is Definitely a Bruiser

It's my two-week bruisiversary. Yes, it's been two weeks since the StoneCrest Emergency Room people stuck a very large needle halfway up my arm. Ouch. Yes, it hurt as bad as it sounds, if not worse.

So we're all updating our blogs here in the Sidelines office. It's much more appealing than actual work.

Check out Joey here!

And word is Colby blogged about me a few days ago. His birthday is tomorrow. Send him many e-mails.

In other news, I updated my photo on myspace and the facebook to one of me at a sorority party, and now I've gotten two myspace messages from guys who would "love to chat."

Yeah. Do I look that dumb? OK, maybe I do, but rest assured that I am not. How about this. You write me a paragraph free of grammatical errors, and I'll decide whether or not you're worthy to chat. Sound fair? Did I mention I'm a horrible bitch?

OK, enough of that tirade. I half missed Arrested Development last night because I was reading pages. Sigh.

Well, that's all for now. I have nothing else to say. Oh, yes I do. Joey is still awesome!

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