Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How the Intimidator, the Gregmeister, Firecracker and Travis roll

So I guess Travis needs to come up with a nickname for himself. I'm obviously Firecracker, Greg is the Gregmeister (who lives like across the street from me) and Sarah is the Intimidator. After a CRAZY Saturday night at work, we all went to Greg's for some good fun drinking games.

Yes, I went through a whole bottle of amaretto, save the one shot I let someone buy off me for $2. I know you think I got ripped off, but the bottle was a gift, so I really turned a profit.

After drinking until 6 am, spending part of the evening in a cowboy hat and the other part in Sarah's "bitchin' sunglasses," I woke up at 9:20 because I had to work at 10. That was really as bad as it sounds. It's quite possible I was still drunk, or at least had alcohol in my system, when I woke up. In point of fact, judging by my driving, I was. Either that or really tired. But no one thinks you'd be drunk at 9:30 Sunday morning, so I guess the cops just thought I was a terrible driver. And they may be right.

Travis had to work at 11, and Greg came in at 4. Travis said we should all do that again soon, but Greg replied with a very funny "I don't think we should EVER do that again." So maybe next time we won't contemplate staying up until 6 a.m. so we can buy alochol again.

But that's the way we roll in Smyrna.

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