Friday, July 29, 2005

Couch Potatoes: Scattered And Smothered

So I went home last night because I needed to give my mom my emissions test stuff so she can renew my tags. The air in the bonus room (the other upstairs). Well, when I got home, my sister was on the couch in the bonus room, and my mom was on the downstairs couch, leaving me with nowhere to sleep. My pillows were also in use, so even if I had wanted to sleep in my bed in my 80something-degree room, I couldn't have done so. Drat. Eventually my mom woke up and went back to her bed (my dad woke her up by snoring), and I had a couch to sleep on.

I had to work today, and then I had to buy a shit-ton of light bulbs because Tina and I live in the dark. I bought 12 regular bulbs (and I'm still one short of filling all the vacancies), 2 for my bedside lamp, and 2 black lights for my overhead in my bedroom. I'm not too big on bright lights, and black lights rock.

Now I'm going to eat some bacon and watch some OnDemand, because I, too, am a couch bed potato.

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