Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Post Has No Title, Just Words And A Tune

I need to be a better Toaist. I'm working on it.

I'm chillin' at the house (Tina is at Brian's tonight) listening to Counting Crows and blogging. I spent some quality time with Brianna and Ox tonight after spending some quality time at the bar.

I'm exhausted in all aspects of the word. I've been off work for so long that I'm dreading going back. I like to be spoiled with free time. It's a good feeling.

I'm not sure how to spend my night. I think I'll write a while, then probably play some XBOX.

Hovan leaves tomorrow. Insert question mark here. That's it - that's all I've got.

I met the SGA president the other night whilst at the AGR house. It went over better than expected.

I really need to way my eyebrows. They look atrocious.

I decided to blog tonight because when the new Harry Potter comes out, I will cease to be until I'm done reading it.

I really miss all the Starbucks people I worked with. I am excited about seeing them again - every cloud has its lining.

I had an interview today for an internship. Hopefully, I'll get that. I'd like to start doing stuff in the industry, and it'd be nice to get some class credit out of it as well. Hell, we just may see me get a degree on schedule, but I'm sure MTSU will make use of the year and a half it has to fuck up my graduation.

I don't know why I had all those one-sentence graphs up there. Weird. I guess in my head I'm writing a news story. It's not a very good one.

Song of the day: "Goin' down to New York Town" by Counting Crows.

Well I feel just like a freight train baby,
running out of steam.
I wanna go on down to New York town,
but I'm stuck in between.
And I could stay on here at home alone
and have myself to thank,
But I just made a billion dollars
and I wanna put it in the bank,
So if you call...
we could go to town.
Well dear mom,
if you could see me now here underneath the lights
I gotta keep 'em on from dusk to dawn
and everything's alright.
I met a girl with autumn in her eyes
and summer in the way
She makes me feel
like I was only born today or yesterday,
And if she calls...
we could go to town.
But everybody here
hates everything I say,
and girl I just don't know
if I can last another day.
So I guess I'm going back,
back where I belong,
I hope you come along
before I get back on that train that takes me...
home from New York City
to the things I left behind
And 'though I ain't got no money girl
, I'll always have the time.
But I wish that you would hurry,
I hope you get here soon
'cause I just sold the sky to the sun
so I could buy for you the moon.
And if you call...
we could go to town. So if you call...
yeah, if you call...
girl, if you call...
we could go to town.

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