Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pimp My Mac

Today I came into the office to find the coolest thing: Matthew has made my computer awesome, giving me a dashboard and other such things that aren't necessary but help me to waste time. Thanks, Matthew - you're a pal!

Cox blogged AGAIN! Wow! This is such a treat. After reading his blogged, I posted a comment, and then he called. It had only been about 30 seconds since I'd posted the comment, so I thought it was some stalking-like thing. Turns out it was just a weird coincidence.

On his blog, Cox made some revelations as to the kind of women who are wrong for him. This is actually quite normal, because it's easier to tell who's wrong for you. As a tribute to Cox, I will now do the same.

1. PEOPLE WITH GROSS MISCONCEPTIONS ON THE SPELLINGS OF BASIC WORDS. OK, I don't expect spelling bee champions here (although in my day I was quite the speller). However, some words should be mastered before one enters high school. If this can't be done, sorry. English obviously isn't the language for you. Try Chinese. And don't date me. One such word that annoys the hell out of me I've given up on. Too many people I know can't spell definitely. There is no "a." There is no reason to think there might be one. EVERYONE I KNOW seems to spell this word wrong. Some of them are chicks, so I don't really care. And the guys who misspell it are usually really attractive, so I let it slide. Here's a rule of thumb: Your spelling ability should be inversely proportional to your attractiveness. If you are really hot, I can let some spelling slide. If you're not so hot, well, start studying the dictionary.

2. PEOPLE I'M NOT ATTRACTED TO. This can mean a variety of things, but I have to be somewhat attracted to the person in question. It can be looks, personality, conversation, brainpower, whatever, but I need something to go on. Throw me a freakin' bone here. If there's nothing, I'm not going to feel all bad and try to convince myself that I can make it work if I just try hard enough. I can't. I'm not that good.

3. PEOPLE WITH NO AMBITION. I just realized I'm using "people" when I mean "men" - whoops. Anyway, I'm highly ambitious, and although I don't need someone as ambitious as I am, I do need to be with someone who wants to do something other than sit around and watch me make money. I'm going to be sitting around watching me make money. He needs to do something equally productive.

4. BOYS. I don't date boys; I prefer men. If you don't know the difference, you've only dated one type.

5. PEOPLE WITH NO BREEDING POTENTIAL. Yes, I guess it's in my nature to want to procreate (or at least try really hard), so when I start looking for a mate, there need to be some good genes in there, ones that will go well with mine. This doesn't mean a perfect family - I don't think such a thing exists. But if there are young children in the family who aren't talking by two, there's a problem.

That's all for now. I need to stop before I lose track of time and miss my econ test.

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