Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sometimes You're Not in The Mood for Vehicular Homicide

I went to put air in my tire today, but it was not meant to be: Shell was out of air. Yeah. I think it's weird, too.

While driving home from work, I got in the left lane at the same time as some guy in an SUV behind me also got in the lane. Traffic was creepy-crawly. I needed to pass a minivan.

Getting in the left lane put me behind a motorcycle, which always creeps me out, because while I've never hit anyone, I'm always extra-cautious around motorcycles. If you hit them, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll kill them. Yikes!

Well, SUV man was really irritated that I wasn't willing to run over the motorcycle. First off, I drive a Saturn, so even if I wanted to flatten the unsuspecting cyclist, I probably couldn't have pulled it off. Second, we were still moving much faster than the minivan lane. And I, for one, don't fancy putting someone in danger of Death by Saturn. What an embarrassing epitaph:

"Here lies Snake. Died tragically while driving too slow in the fast lane. He loved his Harley."

Today, my editorship is over for the summer. Manderson will be taking over, and in our usual fashion, we were being weird. I did some kind of weird arm thing, which he took to be bad karate, and I insisted it was me preparing to go all Jean Gray on him. Here is what happened:

MattAnderson: "You do NOT have mutant powers."
Me: "How do you know? When have you ever seen me not be a mutant?"

Manda made a blog plea for her friends to friend me on LiveJournal. I got annoyed always commenting as "Anonymous." Then I spent no less than four hours working out a color scheme for the damn thing. If it weren't for Manda, I'd be friendless...ish.

Manda also included an interesting comment about me that I have to include. It's a good way to end this post:

"Wendy is like watching an explosion at a cotton candy factory, at which small children with balloons and baby sheep were having a field trip."

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