Friday, July 01, 2005

You Can't Spell "Stripper" without "Pie"

Well, I didn't get to see the strippers. Turns out, they had to hop a plane to some show-related thing no one could talk about. Apparently, this is when they find out if they win. So my Stampeding was stripper-free. Drat.

This Michael character felt the need to get my attention by pulling my hair. He did it more than once. I wanted to kill him. I haven't ruled it out. Then he's all trying to like touch me, which is so not cool, especially after I repeatedly told him not to, so I quickly let him know that it would result in me hitting him, and I said I'd feel bad if I decked a complete stranger. I really wouldn't have felt bad, though. I would've been OK with it.

While at the Pede, I ran into my homecoming buddy from two years ago. We chatted and all that jazz, and then afterward, we reverted back to the days of homecomings past by sitting around a bonfire. Fire. Even more amusing when you've been drinking.

Tonight, we had the first Phi Chi summer meeting. After spending a good portion of my day typing up originals for all of our forms and printing multiple copies, I headed up to O'Charley's after meeting, barely making it in before the bar closed. I did get two drinks, though, and Chris got Steve to bring me a graham-cracker pie shell full of caramel ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. It was incredible.

We then went to Waffle, because they were all upset we hadn't been in a while. We got there right after a water fight, and we caught a bit of the aftershock. Brian came and brought me a sweatshirt, because it's always freezing in the Waffle. We then hung out with some AGRs, as we usually do when we're there, and the Tina and I came home for some good quality XBOX slaughter.

And for those of you reading this time stamp, I'm not up early. I'm just up very late. Not that late, though. This is about par for the course for me.

Holy shit! Cox blogged! Thrice! You have to check it out.

I was funny today. Granted, it won't seem that funny on here probably, but I can assure you I got some laughs.

Tanya: How do you turn this fan on?
Me: Rub it.

Laurie, one of my littles, is talking to this guy RD. A few months ago, it was this guy TH. Yeah. I ragged on her for not choosing men with vowels in their names. Anyway, at O'Charley's one night, we came up with a huge list of words that you can't spell without "th." I can't wait until she dates some guy named "CK." I'm already working on my word list. Not to be outdone, as we were sitting at the bar tonight and she was talking about RD, I couldn't help myself:

"You can't spell 'hard' without 'rd!'"

You sure can't.

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