Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What A McGyp

So I went to the McDonald's by my house today, and they were out of barbecue sauce. What is the world coming to? I had to have chipotle barbecue instead. Someday, Bush will give a speech on this saying it was all worth it.

I'm off to Stampede's with Laurie. I have to play nice with the reality TV stars. I'm deeply shamed that our culture has reality TV stars, but it should be big fun. I'm not going to stay long, though, because I have to get back and tend to sorority business.

I talked to Stacie today. She had a girl: Riley Lynn. We're all going to get together sometime (my crew from Madison Blockbuster, sans the insufferable "boss" who tries to fuck the customers run the store). Memories. Well, if I don't leave soon, I'll be more than the fashionably late I intended to be.

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TVonthefritz said...

How was the quasi D-lister? Was he all we cracked him up to be?