Sunday, July 24, 2005

It Takes More Than Three to Salsa

Friday night I went out with Leslie and Laura. I met Laura at the wedding, but the fact that she's been dating Thomas since November somehow managed to slip through the cracks. What's it like hearing one of the high school valedictorians is hot? I'd rather not say. I've actually heard both valedictorians are hot, but that's neither here nor there.

We decided to go salsa dancing. However, the rest of Nashville had other plans. We bummed around Printers Alley a while. No, we didn't get shot. We didn't even get shot at. It was an ammunition-free night.

Leslie will be moving to Manhattan, Kansas, soon to live with her husband. I'd attempt to link the city, but I can't imagine any part of Kansas being linkable.

Saturday night I had a kick-ass close with Thomas (from Starbucks, not high school), Greg, and Kevin. It was awesome. I love guy shift. Guy shift rocks. We always have too much fun, and yet we manage to get everything done. Who knew?

I want to tattoo my lower back, but I can't decide what I want. I'm taking suggestions.

Tina's gone until Tuesday. It's very lonely here at the house. Destiny, as always, is pissed at me if I even go outside to get the mail. Luckily, it's Sunday, so I won't have to do that.

My evening plans: Watch some TV (Fox cartoons, Entourage, [adult swim], maybe some OnDemand), bum around online, eat, take a shower, probably watch some more TV, avoid econ homework, write NASCAR column, break down and do econ homework, pet the cat (the ACTUAL cat), feed the bird, maybe clean the kitchen (but let's not get our hopes up). Don't you wish you were so cool?


Anonymous Alcoholic said...

All parts of Kansas are hideous.*

*-I was dumped in Kansas.

Manda said...

I would go for a dinosaur of some sort on your back. That would be fabulous.

...What is up with Kansas trying to be all sneaky, and sound appealing by naming its cities after actually desirable places to live?