Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Spice Rack Strikes Back

Hmm...what did I do today?

Class, tap, pilates. My legs are killing me, but in a good way.

Then I went to the office and worked/threw football for, oh, five hours now. My right arm is starting to get sore. The good news is that I'm getting better at throwing with my left arm. I hope to have my left spiral down in a few weeks. As Jon said, I've got the right one down. Damn right. At least I don't throw like a girl.

Feeling jockish because I've impressed guys with my football skills. Feeling half-naked because I'm still just in tight workout pants and a sports bra.

I made some reference to being Sporty Spice, but I quickly switched to Posh Spice - she gets to marry David Beckham. I could make some reference to bending it like Beckham, but I won't. A while ago at Starbucks we all decided to come up with spice names for ourselves. Mine was Spice Rack. Don't you wish you thought of it first?

I got my car back yesterday. It's fixed now. Well, as fixed as it's going to be. I'll do without AC - I don't much care for spending $1000 on it.

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