Saturday, September 03, 2005

Whoopee, We're All Gonna Die!

Can anyone guess where the title comes from?

So we're all gonna die. Anarchy will come. We're running out of oil. Well, we've been running out of oil, but now it's painfully obvious. Luckily, some of my co-workers and I have a fail-safe plan for survival. Woot!

Here's a fun tidbit from me and Tracie:
Me: If we run out of oil, we shouldn't bother repopulating. Who wants to live without oil?
Tracie: But what would we do for fun then?
Me: We're not running out of Latex.

So I went to get gas on my break from work, but THEY WERE OUT. Every fucking pump. I had to call The Tina to bring my a gallon of gas so that I could get home. Then I found it for just $2.99, but there was a $20 limit. And I had to prepay inside, even though I was using a card.

Send help. Or gas. Or oil. Surely someone around here can refine it.


theogeo said...

And its 1,2,3,
What are we fightin for?
Don't ask me; I don't give a damn.
The next stop is Vietnam!

Kat Coble said...

That'd be the Fixin To Die Rag...Country Joe McDonald.

.Ben. said...

Yeah, but latex is a petroleum-based product. Maybe if people weren't so busy fucking all the time and hoarding gasoline... the world would be a better place.