Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All the Cool Kids Have Laparoscopic Surgery

Yes, I'm officially a cool kid now. Surgery is next Tuesday morning. Woohoo. My mom's taking off that day to come up here and drive me to and from the hospital and all that jazz. Let's hope this helps them find out what's wrong with me, because I'm really getting sick of this crap.

So Monday I'm having all of my pre-op stuff. They're doing some lab work and testing and whatnot. Then, I get to wake up early Tuesday and go get a scope put in me so the gyno can look around and hopefully see something wrong that's easily fixable.

What can you do? Well, calling would be nice. I don't know how long my recovery is supposed to last. And company is always welcome.

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theogeo said...

Yeowch. Good luck! Hope you feel better!

By the way, will you e-mail me your address, please?