Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bored with Too Many Leukocytes

Well, I woke up sick today. I'm a little better. The doctor says my white cell count has gone up, which is odd because it was normal Thursday. So I'm going to do this damn survey and wait to leave the office.

*section 1 - have you ever...

+ Cheated on someone?: Nope
+ Been Cheated on?: Not to my knowledge...
+ Fallen off the bed?: Yes
+ Broken someone's heart?: Yes

+ Had your heart broken?: Yes
+ Had a dream come true?: Yes
+ Done something you regret?: Yes, but not very often
+ Cheated on a test?: I helped my pledge class cheat on their tests

* section 2 - currently *

+ Wearing: Tennis shoes, my Dale Jr. socks, jeans with a rip at the back pocket, my flesh-colored thong with the rhinestone ring in the back, my white Victoria's Secret bra that gives me good cleavage, and a huge-ass gray sweatshirt so no one will notice the aforementioned cleavage
+ Like anyone?: Sure, I like lots of people.
+ Located?: Murfreesboro, more specifically, the Sidelines office
+ Chatting with?: No one - just waiting for my section to be done
+ Watching?: Nothing
+ Should REALLY be doing?: Actually, nothing. I've already done heads and cuts.

* section 3 - DO YOU

+ Brush your teeth?: Yeah, I'm kind of OCD about it.
+ Have any piercing: 8 in my ears and my bellybutton
+ Drive?: Yes, better than my sister.
+ Drink?: Yes, better than my sister.
+ Smoke?: Only when I'm on fire. Or really drunk. Or if they're Djarum blacks...
+ Got a cell?: Yes

* section 4 - the last person you... *

+ Hugged?: I don't know - probably Zac or Tina.
+ Kissed?: I don't know - probably Zac or Tina. I'm kidding - it was your mom.
+ IMed?: Robert
+ Talked on the phone to? Some Victoria's Secret people calling about the bill that my mailman keeps refusing to deliver to me because he's a bastard and no matter how many times I call the post office and go to the post office, they never give me that bill.
+ Yelled at?: I don't remember the last time I yelled...at least, not out of anger.

* section 5 - personal *

+ What do you want to be when you finish college?: 5'7"
+ What has been the best day of your life: I don't know - recently I've had some shitty days with goodness dispersed throughout - raise the roof Salazar!
+ What comes first in your life?: Fertilization...oh that's life in general...my life? Lately, it's been my health. Usually it's my loved ones, but they understand.
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: Something like that, yes. I also have an open relationship on facebook with Megan - woot!
+ What are you most scared of?: Volcanoes, followed by being unsuccessful and dying either alone or too young. I'm not afraid of death though - just how I'm going to die, and not getting to live.
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? All the things I have to do and all the things I'd rather do.
+ Did you lose someone you really loved?: I'm 22 - of course I have.
+ Love your family?: Of course.
+ Are you a virgin?: No, but I waited until I was almost 22.

* section 6 - favorite *

+ Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
+ Song: "Your Latest Trick" by Dire Straits
+ Band: Counting Crows
+ Store: Victoria's Secret
+ Relative: My immediate family (mom, dad, sister)
+ Sport?: Football
+ To play: Football
+ Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate swiss and double dark chocolate with lots of Oreos and a little bit of cookie dough from Marble Slab, mint chocolate chip, Ben & Jerry's chocolate therapy
+ Fruit: Green grapes
+ Day of the Week? Friday (it's usually payday)
+ Color: Black

* section 7 - do you *

+ Like to give hugs?: Yes
+ Like to walk in the rain?: If it's warm, light, and sunny
+ Prefer black or blue pens?: Black gel pens
+ Like to travel?: Yes
+ Sleep on your side, stomach or back?: side
+ Have a goldfish?: No
+ Ever have the falling dream?: Not since I was a small child
+ Have stuffed animals?: Yes

* section 8 - this or that *

+ Pierced nose or tongue?: No
+ Single or taken?: According to the electric company, I'm married to Tina.
+ MTV or BET?: MTV, but only for Pimp my Ride
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek?: Both when i was a teenager
+ Sugar or salt?: Both
+ Silver or gold?: Silver
+ Chocolate or flowers?: Chocolate or velvet roses
+ Color or Black-and-white photos?: Black-and-whites
+ M&Ms or Skittles?: Peanut Butter M&Ms
+ Stay up late or sleep in?: Both
+ Hot or cold?: Hot
+ Mustard or ketchup?: Ketchup
+ Spring or Fall?: Spring
+ Happy or sad?: Happy
+ Wonder or amazement?: Wonder
+ Mexican or Italian: Italian
+ Candy or Pop?: Candy...wait pop? Like Coke? I'm confused...

*section 9- what do you think about... *

+ Abortion: I try not to judge those who have to make hard decisions.
+ Suicide: A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
+ Smoking: Tobacco-flavored cancer.
+ Eating disorders: I blame a lot of those on the unrealistic expectations of how people should look to be considered "attractive."
+ Summer: I wish it could always be summer. And that my car had air conditioning.
+ Tattoos: I love mine.

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