Saturday, November 05, 2005

How Green Was My Valley

There are a lot of reasons why I cannot actually type everything I want to right here, but suffice it to say that something is, well, weird.

I haven't blogged lately. Mostly I've been on lots of pills, and I've been having a pretty involved week or so, and that's before you factor in my PMS and the ruptured cyst in my left ovary. So all in all, thank your lucky stars you aren't me.

We didn't get paid Monday. I have $10 to last me until Friday, and I don't think it'll work. We'll see. I had to get into my savings account to pay my rent, and now that has only $50 in it. Yikes. So things are bleak in the world of Wendy's finances.

If any of the following people were here right now, I think I'd feel better: Lindsey, because she just seems to know everything; Kristin, because she listens, and we're "hard-core bitches" or whatever it was I said; Cox, because rum and OJ is mighty good, but I just can't do it without Cox; Patrick, because he's objective yet makes me think I'm right, and we have much fun drinking together; JR, because he's been on another continent for entirely too long; Robert, because dancing around the SigEp house just doesn't seem that weird with him (translation: he makes me laugh, and I could use a laugh right now); Leslie, because I miss the hell out of her and it's hard to girl-talk without your best friend; Zac, because there's always ice cream, and he's really tall, and, you know, somehow that's comforting (that goes for Robert and JR as well); ERICA, because if she gets all caps, she must be good.

More on all of this later, but to all those listed above: WOOT! I Heart You!

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