Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spending My Life in a Narcotic Haze

I've been in bed pretty much since Sunday. I got worse today (Wednesday), and I'm supposed to work Thursday. This can't possibly end well.

My head feels weird - like the pressure is off or something. And my neck is really sore and stiff, and it hurts like a bitch when I move it. I also started seeing double the other night. Tonight I saw stars, which is much prettier, yet still freaky.

The pain in my left side got worse, but my ultrasound showed that my ovary at least looks normal now. My legs feel weird, too, like how they feel when I've been taking steroids for a week, but I haven't. I think I have been on anti-inflammatories, though. I'm not sure - I'm on everything. I have a purse full of six or so prescriptions and another three or four by my bed.

Most recent doctor's diagnosis: bladder infection
Wendy's diagnosis of doctor: bullshit

This is so more than a bladder infection. Granted, that was probably caused by cyst fluid leakage, which also caused the nausea, but if they cyst is gone, and there's no more leaking, why do I still feel like shit?

You know what would cure this?


I'm kidding. But I was reminded today that I recently had my one year anniversary of losing my virginity, so happy Nov. 7 to all you kids who chose the same day I did to give away a part of yourself you can never get back.

At least with No. 2, I put a lot more thought into it, not to mention I had much higher standards, and the sex was a lot better. But I digress.

You're right, JR, I am the most sexually frustrated person you know. Also quite possibly the most sexually frustrated person I know. Definitely the most medicated person I know.

I also feel feverish, but I'm not running a fever. It's all quite bizarre. But I figure if it was anything that would kill me or require surgery they would've caught it already. I guess I'm just supposed to be annoyed by it.

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TVonthefritz said...

I hope you're getting better.