Thursday, April 13, 2006

Breaking and Entering the Legal Way

I locked myself out of my house today.

I was trying to get to work early to start tips because we had to work the Hendersonville store tonight, and I wanted to make sure I was done with time to spare before we left.

I went outside, locking the door behind me, to get in my car to leave for work when I realized I had no keys.

I called my boss and explained my idiocy (she was in Murfreesboro picking up Missouri for work - the person, not the state) and that I might need a ride, and she said she'd call when she was done getting Missouri.

I then remembered that my bedroom window was unlocked - if only this were last year, when we first moved in and had no screens on our windows. Alas, I went next door and explained the situation to my neighbors, who were happy to laugh at help me.

She got a dinner knife, we pried off the screen, and then I raised the window and climbed into my bedroom. About that time my boss called, and I told her I wouldn't need a ride because I'd just broken into my house.

I'm disturbed that all one needs to break into my house is a dinner knife.

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