Thursday, April 27, 2006

Friday's Feast - Internet-free Edition

Yes, I'm neglecting the blog, but I don't have Internet right now. I present a very delayed Friday's Feast.

List 3 things you keep putting off.
1) Refilling my migraine medication
2) Packing
3) My credit card bill

What do you feel is your greatest responsibility?
Trying to stay healthy physically and mentally

If you could have starred in any movie, which one would you have wanted to be in and why?
This is a tough one. I'd like to pick something Oscar-worthy, but I think it would have been really cool to play the lead in Underworld. Kate Beckinsale trained so that she wouldn't blink when she shot guns, which is a natural reaction. And here you though Keanu did it to look cool. Really, he just couldn't keep from blinking.

Main Course
What is an expectation you had as a child about being an adult and, now that you are grown up, you realize you were wrong?
That I would get married at age 20. What the hell was I thinking?

When was the last time you had your car serviced?
I had the radiator replaced last summer. I don't take it anywhere for oil changes.

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