Thursday, April 06, 2006

Have You Seen My Math Major?

Woohoo! I registered for class!

When I registered for class, I noticed they finally (several months later) realized that I declared a second major, only they didn't. They thought I CHANGED my major, and they completely took that pesky math thing away. The good news? My philosophy adviser is...

DR. RON BOMBARDI, who is only the smartest person I have ever met in my entire life. I still recall my first encounter with him - he came in to guest lecture my Oriental Thought class and related Taoism to superstring theory. It blew my mind, and I remember thinking, "This hour of my life makes every dollar I've spent on my education worth it." It was also the most fulfilling and satisfying hour, and, yes, that does include every sexual experience I've ever had. What can I say? I dig being intellectually stimulated.

I'm making homemade chicken 'n' dumplins (I'm sure I fucked up the AP style on that) and trying to process the events of last evening, which I cannot blog about but I really want to. Sigh.

Odd side note: When I click "advisor" under my WebMT tab, it lists Bombardi and Kholdnyi (my math adviser), but when I go to my info, it says this semester I transferred to the College of Liberal Arts and that my secondary program is unknown.

I'm hoping this will all be solved by the pesky upper division form I should've filled out Fall 2003 during my FIRST junior year. Thank God it's still my junior year, and, thus, the form is still file-able. It's like I planned it, only I so did not. Oh, Lindsey, why didn't I listen to you when you told me years ago that that damned form mattered?

Tomorrow I get to: Go to class, go to counseling, go to patient services, go to gynecologist, go to class, go to Invitation to Initiation, go to Brink of Insanity.

Oh, and for those wondering, I still didn't win the Powerball. This time I bought a ticket, so I was ever-so-slightly more likely to win than last time.

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