Thursday, April 06, 2006

You, Too, Can Blog in German OR You Knnen also in German blogging

This summer, I will take: Insurance company enterprises (only two weeks, thank God, and then is complete my insurance person under age), fundamental German I and fundamental Germans II (hell, possibly I will persons under age in it, also - I have time).

Straight ones for the hell of it, I translate this blog into German, then back to English. I hope that it is readable. None I not. I hope that you cannot represent out, what the Bumsen I meant. The collecting main is in the Italics at the lower surface.

To I (about NEVER) graduate, have I two degrees - a Bakkalaureus of the arts in philosophy with a person under age either on Mathe or German (leans me me toward to the German - I should even educate itself) and a Bakkalaureus of the sciences in Mathe with a concentration in the actuarial science. I cannot wait, in order to see, how translates.

The bad messages are I are in the category of all summers, but the good messages are not I are getanes long after noon each day. I preserve quite much work of precloses and close and avoid still that nerve-killing opening shift I since last May do not have do had.

That is quite, kids - into straight short weeks unite, reach I this one year's marking, there I the memory have open had. Woot! I am surprised, if woot translates.

My Gynäkologe decided, means chest ultrasonic more rüber to send to the surgeon, whom I see the following week. He said that, because I already see him for mine "shotty lymph nodes" - that by the way doctor discussion for "lots increased lymph nodes" actual it could examine my lump out in addition. Why not? Let us my complete verfluchten body straight biopsieren. Any leg fabric would like to take everyone?

I had to set up a plan with those doctors to payment, but I am not also ensured. What will they do? Repo my Gebärmutter?

Largest thing said to me all day (during my basin examination - always loads from the fun, promises I): „Easing it simply itself; do not press. “together this is after it laughed short up lent at me for giving sex for. Now does it ask me to relax straight if somewhat is inside there? Yeah is fair it a reaction. I had to suffocate laughters at this point.

This summer, I'll be taking: Insurance Company Operations (only two weeks, thank God, and then my insurance minor is complete), Elementary German I and Elementary German II (hell, maybe I'll minor in it, too - I've got time).

Just for the hell of it, I'm translating this blog into German, then back to English. I hope it's readable. No I don't. I hope you can't figure out what the fuck I meant. The original will be in italics at the bottom.

By the time I graduate (circa NEVER), I'll have two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy with a minor in either math or German (I'm leaning toward German - I should educate myself even more) and a Bachelor of Science in Math with a concentration in actuarial science. I can't wait to see how that translates.

The bad news is I'll be in class all summer, but the good news is I'll be done not long after noon each day. I can pretty much work precloses and closes and still avoid that pesky opening shift I haven't had to do since last May.

That's right, kids - in just a few short weeks, I will reach that one-year mark since I've had to open the store. Woot! I wonder if woot translates.

My gynecologist decided to send my breast ultrasound over to the surgeon I'm seeing next week. He said that because I'm already seeing him for my "shotty lymph nodes" - which, by the way, is doctor talk for "lots of enlarged lymph nodes" - he might as well check out my lump. Why not? Let's just biopsy my whole damn body. Anyone want to take some leg tissue?

I had to set up a payment plan with those doctors, but I'm not too worried. What are they going to do? Repo my uterus?

Greatest thing said to me all day (during my pelvic exam - always loads of fun, I promise): "Just relax; don't squeeze." This is shortly after he laughed at me for giving up sex for Lent. Now he's telling me to just relax when something is in there? Yeah, it's just a reaction. I had to stifle laughter at that point.


theogeo said...

"Woot" transcends all languages. Except Cantonese.

Manda said...

This is the best blog ever.

I think it's interesting that it actually sounds like the way a lot of German people actually speak English, which says something for the way that people think in actual text. I'm sure it says something. I'm just not sure what.

God, it's cold in here.