Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Not Homeless and I Don't Have Lymphoma!

Well, aren't those two gems of knowledge enough to brighten your day?

Today, I had one of my first good days in a few weeks. I woke up, took care of some stuff, found an apartment, and had a Blizzard.

My apartment is a really cool one-bedroom that reminds me a lot of the one my sister had her last year of college. I'm really excited. Here's the other thing: I might get a kitten. Of course, there is a catch - I can't take her yet (pet deposit stuff), and she needs to be somewhere for the next two weeks until I can. So, any of you out there want to board a sweet little kitten for two weeks? I'm going to call the vet at home to see how much it would cost to board her there and get her her shots.

Oh, and the surgeon doesn't think I have lymphoma! I'm supposed to go back in a few months to have another CT, but at least they didn't cut me open and biopsy me right there.

The next blog will be dedicated to this one. Anyone care to guess what it will be about?

Happy 21st Emily!


Aunt B said...

Hurray for the lack of lymphoma! That's good news.

And I hope you're writing about cooters. I cannot resist good cooter talk.

Wendy said...

I knew you'd get it - cooter talk to come!

Jenn Ta Fur said...

Good to hear that things are looking up!