Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not in Kansas Anymore

Then why the fuck are there so many tornadoes?

OK, cursing Mother Nature aside, let's get serious: There was a big line of deadly storms ripping apart Sumner County whilst I was at work in the safety that is Smyrna, where the hail was small and unimpressive, as I told my DM who called to make sure we and the store hadn't been blown across I-24.

Murfreesboro got tennis-ball-sized hail, something that sounds large, scary and detrimental to vehicles. I'm glad I missed it.

Just before my shift started, my sister called me to warn tornadoes were coming. That was helpful as it came right before the aforementioned hail, but it also let me know she was OK.

We had a radio going the entire time, and I kept hearing all these dreadful things about dead people in Gallatin. My parents' house is close to Gallatin (Hvegas natives probably know this already), and hearing of the storms made me more than uneasy, especially when the phones went straight to voice mail. I deduced the lines were destroyed or all busy. Either way, I couldn't reach anyone. It certainly didn't help that my cell phone was temporarily unable to receive incoming calls.

So now, here I am, 4:42 a.m., blogging about the storm I'm about to go investigate. I'm heading to Hendersonville to my parents' house (I hope it's there - it seemed sturdy enough when we bought it), and I'll probably spend all day tomorrow calling my aunts, uncles and cousins, or however long it takes to reach them. We all live in different parts of Hvegas.

Thanks to all those who called/texted/e-mailed to ask about my family, including some Murfreesboro Starbucks folk. I'm glad that everyone I've heard from it doing well.

I sure hope the Bush Administration isn't involved in this cleanup effort. OK, I had to do some kind of joke to lighten the mood.


Louis said...

The ship is sinking!

Manda said...

My car is covered in DENTS. Some of which are as big as my thumb. Granted, I have small hands, but this is... vexing.

We drove through it. Because we are smart. And because I was afraid of being stuck on campus all night. ...My poor car.