Thursday, August 05, 2004

Narcissism and Nerds Rope

I'm baking chicken right now, and I need to kill the time between when I put it in the oven and when I take it out and gorge myself as though I haven't eaten in days. It's really only been about five hours, but that's way too long for me.

Work was interesting to say the least. To make a long story short: We caught an employee stealing. Said employee is now a former employee, and I'm still working too much. You know, just in case you were wondering.

While reading my blog (because I'm an incredible narcissist), I noticed that my Monday plans included something to the effect of work not calling me unless someone was dead or on fire. Well, they called. But no one died or got ignited. Too bad, too. That would've been incentive to drive faster since I was coming from Murfreesboro.

After work, I hit the showers and then the hot tub with Leslie, Thomas, Trevor and Trevor's cousin. I think he name was Eric, but we only met briefly and frankly I don't really remember and won't lose any sleep over it. Trevor's cousin will be a suffice description.

The president of the company sent me a thank you card and $10 in gift cards because of some customer compliment I got. That's pretty swell. I spend so much freakin' money buying Coke and Nerds Rope that $10 will be pretty nice.

Now, let's get into this Nerds Rope thing. This is by far the BEST candy I have ever had, and that's saying a lot coming from a chocolate fiend such as myself. I mean, I'm so addicted to caffeine that I get figity if I DON'T have it. Likewise, I love my chocolate.

But Nerds Rope. That's some good stuff. It's this gummy red rope thing (think stretched-out gummy bear) covered in Nerds. Oh it's truly fantastic. In fact, it's so fantastic that we don't have any. Why you ask? Well, I ate them all. Most of them anyway. I didn't eat the last one, but I did eat the second-to-last one. Then, on my way to work Tuesday, I bought two from the Hendersonville store because frankly I can't imagine a whole shift without Nerds Rope. They were scrumptious.

We have more on order. Why you ask? I ordered them. I love doing the candy order. It means I can get whatever I think will sell, but it also means I can stock up on all the things I like to snack on while I'm slaving away for a mere hourly wage that sweatshop workers in China would complain about.

However, times when you can catch an employee stealing or get recognized by the head of the company make you feel better about all the work you're doing. Now, I'm not condoning employee theft just because I get a rush from catching people. In fact, I'd rather feel underpaid and have an honest staff. Having said that, if someone's going to get caught, I like having a hand in the catching. It makes me feel I'm doing something right. Other than eating Nerds Rope.

I was in the room for the whole ordeal, and I must say my manager really impressed me. She handled the situation well. So Debbie, if you ever read this, you're a good worker, too. Have a Nerds Rope in celebration.

OK, so let's recap the day: I'm great, Debbie's great, hot tubs are great, Nerd's Rope is great, employee theft sucks. Oh, and as always, Joey's great.

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TVonthefritz said...

And you're a good lay.