Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Spiritual guidance for $1.99

On my day off (which turned into the day I had to work, but I'll get to that later), I decided to spend some quality time with the Tina. The Tina is my sorority lil sis, and we have much fun together. On this excursion, we enjoyed some delicious Demos' and then did some shopping at the ever-happening Murfreesboro square. So began my quest for the Buddha.

Let's backtrack a bit. Last semester I took Oriental Thought, a lovely class centered on Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism (my personal favorite) and the like. Just for kicks, I took one of those Internet quizzes on religion (of course, these quizzes never lie). Good news! I'm a Buddhist! Last year I was a Quaker. I must say I've gotten much cooler. Another Internet quiz says my heart chakra is the most closed of all my chakras. That explains the entry from a few days ago "Why I will never marry a woman or why I hate all men."

Back to the Buddha. I must note that I find it impossible to completely separate religion and philosophy, and I've also noticed that my philosophy tends to be very Eastern. Hence the Buddhism. But I'm really more of a Taoist.

At any rate, browsing through the candles, stones and other such goodies, I decided to go on a quest for a Buddha. They had several. I got a small one for $1.99. Now, I would've been willing to splurge more, of course, but I was shopping with the Tina, so I got her belated birthday present. It's this really cool windchime.

We also went to Icon to inquire about our tattoos, and we've decided to get them on our backs. It's going to hurt like a bitch I know, and I'm sure I'll cry like a baby, but when I blog it I'll of course be brave and not shed a tear.

I bought some candles and a really pretty worry stone that's supposed to help with logical thinking and math and whatnot. I'm now going to light said candles, burn some incense and relax after a long day.

Oh, and Joey is still cool.


TVonthefritz said...

Oh, let's go to the Baha church together. And then, we'll go out for lunch at Baja Fresh.

Wendy said...

I'm so there!

TVonthefritz said...

I'm serious.

Wendy said...

Me too. The exclamation point was indicative of my enthusiasm. However, due to impending work crisis, I have no days off this week. I'll get my schedule Friday probably, so I'll let you know when I'm off and we can Baha.

Tina said...

Yes what a great day it was!!!!! I love my windchime!!! I'm gonna buy us the matching buddhas here soon lol!!! :) ~The Tina