Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Only on Chromosomes That End in Y

It's official: I'm one of the guys.

Today at work, T-Money was putting up the order, and I was working the floor with Thomas. As I was counting out of the safe, T-Money said something to the effect of [name witheld] getting hotter every day. Then there were references to past hot girl employees. And I'm all, "Hello. Yeah, I'm just apparently - " and he responded with "Oh, Wendy, you're one of the guys." Thomas added "You're so one of the guys - you go out and drink with us."

And thus it became set in stone that I am once again "one of the guys." We started discussing this last Saturday, actually. It came up that girls like me are automatic cock blocks. I'm not so sure about that, but going out with guys doesn't tend to attract males, either, so I guess it works both ways.

After work, Thomas, T-Money, and I went to Toot's for a drink. There are a surprising number of hot women at the Smyrna Toot's, and wouldn't you know it, they ALL wanted Thomas. The bartender even got him to wear her dangly long silver earring. Yeah. It was quite entertaining - it made my day.

Holly called whilst I was there to thank me for working. Cool. I mean, I just show up when I'm scheduled, but I'll take a thank you.

You know, for one of the guys, I sure do have a nice rack in this shirt.

Brian is fixing my starter today. As I told him yesterday, "You're the best Tina's boyfriend ever!"

Last night post meeting we went to the store and bought enough weird crap that I'm amazed the police didn't ask us if we'd just taken a bong hit. I bought Mountain Dew, seasoning salt, potatoes, donuts, and bacon.

I had a fun brief trip to the Smyrna Boys and Girls Club today. This one girl came up to me and gave me a hug. It was cute. I'm going back Thursday. It was going to be a brief trip, but I may stay a while. The kids are fun.

Well, I'm going to shower. I need to remind myself that I'm still a girl, regardless of all the sports I like, the violent movies I prefer, my incredible ability to drink whiskey, and my makes-a-sailor-blush language. Anyway, I've been on a breast kick lately. It's like I'm suddenly very fascinated with my breasts. I think it's because they've grown in the past few months, and I have all these shirts that show them off. Yes. It's definitely time to shower.

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