Tuesday, August 30, 2005

21 Classmates - 3 Classmates + Sacrifice = Fun!

Well, I survived my first two days of class, and I've come to one conclusion: My stat teacher is NUTS!

But he's nuts in a good way, which is great because that's my 8 a.m. class on Tuesday and Thursday.

So we're in class doing some basic permutations and combinations and whatnot, and he comes up with a problem:

Suppose we have to sacrifice 3 students to the God of Statistics so that everyone else can do well on the test. It's like the one we just did, but this time they all have the same job: sacrificial victims.

Dr. Walsh makes math fun!

Then I had Dr. Kholodnyi, who is my adviser and is teaching my Calculus Part The Last class of only six people. And we talked about improper integrals and summations of infinite series and whatnot, and it was all fun. I mean, where else but in math (of all things) can you add up a lot of zeroes and get one? If you think really hard about that, you'll get it. I'll even give you a clue: probability density function.

I'm having dinner with Katie and Alison (one of the founding sisters) tonight. That should be big fun!

More on all this later...it's food time!

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