Friday, August 19, 2005

If You're Wondering Why I'm Wearing A Buddha Necklace And A Tank Top with A Hand Gun, You're Going to Have to Figure That out on Your Own

OK, I get all kinds of weird-ass blog surveys and the like, so I'm making my own up. Because I can. If you feel obliged to do my blog survey, you're seriously messed up in the head...and it would make my day.

Today I feel: Exhausted, physically, spiritually, emotionally, grammatically (sigh - that was for you, Manda)
Yesterday I felt: A day younger
The last time I felt like this: I was falling in love (please tell me someone got that). Actually, I haven't felt "younger" in a while. I'm old. Very, very old.
The last nude/semi-nude person I saw was: Tina. I could explain that, but I'd rather you draw your own wrong conclusions. It's funnier that way.
Something you may not know about me: That Josh Gracin song "Nothing to Lose" drives me so crazy that I know I've contemplated killing him. I think it's because my sorority listens to it all the time, and it lost it's zest (if it ever had any) about 10,000 times ago.
Something you ought to know about me: Tickling me is a sure way to seal a fate worse than death. You think it's cute, I think it's grounds for a "temporary insanity" defense.
The last really unhealthy thing I did: Ate half a pack of double stuff Oreos in one sitting, dipping each in chocolate milk. I'm not sure how many I ate, but I do know it was at least 15.
When I'm really depressed: I listen to Counting Crows, especially "Another Horsedreamer's Blues," and sometimes it's sad country music.
I have never: Danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.
I have often: Danced around the kitchen when nobody was home, usually to hip-hop stuff.
I am terrified of: Volcanoes. Ahh!
I wish: Gas were cheaper. A lot cheaper.
I'm an elitist about: Intellectual matters, especially grammar and spelling.
I violently dislike: Waking up before 2 p.m.
I think it'd be great if: I came into a large sum of money.
I think it'd be greater if: I had already graduated, married a rich, handsome, out-of-my-league British man (ahem, Prince William) who found the cure for cancer while buying me lots of cars and dancing with me in the rain on the beach.
If I need to cry: I watch the Buffy season 5 finale - works every time.
If I could be anywhere right now: I've really been wanting to go to one of these places lately: Manhattan, England, Las Vegas, Hawaii (volcano-free island).
When I wake up tomorrow: I'm going to get my paycheck, put it in the bank, and go to Presidium, a weekend student-org orientation.
But I would rather: Sleep until Sunday.
Something unique about my best friend: Leslie recently married an Army guy I've dubbed "Osh" and will be living with him in Manhattan, Kansas, dancing her heart away (hopefully).
The last movie I watched: Million Dollar Baby.
The last time I fell asleep doing something: I was trying to fall asleep. Mission accomplished!
The last time I showered: Was of course today. I have to shower far too often because my car has no air conditioner.
When I take a bubble bath: I like to read books on Taoism. Then I sleep naked. There's no correlation.
When I'm so over a blog survey: I stop doing it.

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yerrm00 said...

You better believe that I did this survey on my blog! oh yeah! I hope it makes your day!