Friday, August 12, 2005

Revenge of the Stick

Why is it that none of the really bad drivers have "How's My Driving?" bumper stickers?

Case in point: I was driving to Hendersonville Wednesday night after my econ final (which I think I did decently on at least), and this semi was bright-lighting me and tailgating me. Now, I'm not one for slow driving, so this was really unnecessary, especially because there were two lanes to the left that would've been more than conducive for passing. Well, I got the chance to get into the next lane, so I let him pass, which he took as the perfect opportunity to brake-check me. Asshole.

Then Thursday afternoon I was driving to work behind the most erratic driver on this planet. It was rush hour, so things were flowing at a stop-and-go rate at best. Everytime we got to go again, this two-tone-van-driving careener veered toward one of the other lanes before quickly jerking himself back into place. I looked in his side mirror, and he kept obsessively wiping his face. This dude was obviously on something, so I called the fine Metro police and gave them a vehicle description and license plate number just as he took the Fesslers exit. So I told them that, too. I mean, this guy was half in the shoulder when we were in the right lane, and no one drives THAT badly unless they're on crack or transporting a bunch of it via their van.

After work I went to Kroger for some food and was being followed by a Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputy. OK, I was being tailed by this guy - I couldn't even see his headlights in my rearview because they were so low. When I turned my signal on to go home, he CROSSED THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINE and sped past me. Apparently, this fine upholder of the law can't be bothered to follow it if it means he has to wait about 5.8 seconds for me to turn.

These three characters ought to get together sometime and run people off the road.

Wednesday night Claire dyed my hair! I'm excited - I've never let anyone other than my hair person do it. Then she, Jessie, and I got some major junk food and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Claire had Fun Dip, and she lost the stick. This distressed her - she kept looking for it.

Then, just as she was about to LOSE THE WILL TO EAT FUN DIP, she found it. In the pouch or whatever you call a container for Fun Dip. So it was fun again.

Claire and I are going to take tap dance together next semester. Should be big fun!

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