Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Well, I contemplated doing this after Lindsey posted her 100 things, but I thought that might be weird. However, since Cox already took the plunge, I'm on board. So here goes.

1. My sister and I are both cusps: I'm a Sagittarius/Capricorn and she's a Virgo/Libra.
2. I'd rather have wet hair than use a blow dryer, even in winter.
3. I learned to do my hair my practicing on my Barbies as a child.
4. I haven't seen my dad's parents since I was 13, and that was at a funeral. I hadn't seen them before that since I was 5.
5. All of the women in my family (nota bene: "my family" means "my mom's side" unless otherwise specified) are allergic to sulfa drugs. I realized my allergy my freshmen year of college when I started having tremors after taking pills.
6. Though only at Emory one semester, I had three different rooms: One with a girl who dealt drugs out of my room (the police came one night and ruined my dinner plans by saying "Move out before she gets back"), one alone (during Sept. 11 - not a good time to be alone and living next to the CDC), and one with Jalia.
7. My favorite song is "Your Latest Trick" by Dire Straits.
8. I can see about 30 seconds of any Buffy episode and tell you its title.
9. I'm also really good at telling which episodes the opening credit shots come from.
10. I have a huge crush on Nicole Kidman.
11. I think I'm the least attractive, at this age, of all of the women in my family. My mom and her sisters were all beautiful, and my grandmother was a knockout. My sister, of course, is pretty.
12. But I'm the only one willing to leave the house without makeup.
13. My aunt Beth is one of the strongest people I know. I admire her way more than I say.
14. Sometimes I feel really pretty when my hair is in a ponytail. I prefer to wear it up.
15. If I don't set a clock, I'll sleep until at least 3 p.m.
16. I've had mono three times: once when I was 13, once last fall, and a relapse in June.
17. My first migraine lasted two months. This was in February.
18. The scariest two hours of my life were spent waiting to find out that I didn't have meningitis.
19. My sister is the friend I've had the longest.
20. She and I are completely different.
21. When I lost my virginity, the first person I told was my mother.
22. I still haven't told my sister.
23. My aunt Sandi is closer in age to me than my mother. She has two daughters: Kendall, age 6, who looks and acts just like my sister at her age, and Sydney, age 3, who looks and acts just like me at her age, only with blonde hair and blue eyes.
24. I catch myself saying British phrases like "That's a capitol plan" and "Bloody hell."
25. For an admitted narcissist, I'm terribly self-conscious.
26. I feel lonely in large groups.
27. I can eat more steak than my dad.
28. I can drink as much as or more than people twice my size.
29. I'm attracted to intelligence.
30. I don't like guys with really big muscles.
31. I often think about what my wedding will be like.
32. There are two people who know what I want my engagement ring to look like. They are Leslie and Tina.
33. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
34. I cry every time I watch "The Gift" - the Buffy episode when she dies.
35. I love football.
36. I used to want to marry Prince William.
37. I wouldn't be opposed to it now.
38. My church caused me a few years in therapy.
39. I don't voluntarily go to church anymore.
40. I wrote all of my college essays about going to Leslie's church when I was 16: It was the first time I'd ever been allowed to lead prayer (women couldn't at my church).
41. I want to study Taoism. I think I'd really like being a Taoist.
42. I once ate a three-pound lobster.
43. I was in Neal McCoy's "They're Playin' Our Song" music video when I was 12. I got paid $100 to jump on a bed.
44. I love to write, and have often been told I should be a writer.
45. But I really love math.
46. I graduated high school 7th out of around 400, although due to ties, I was really 5th. I did this without studying.
47. I've always been a good speller.
48. I think everyone else ought to be good at it, too.
49. I love to dance.
50. But not in a club setting.
51. The only time I ever saw my dad cry was when Nic-Nac, our cat of 15 years, died of lung cancer.
52. If you tickle me, I will make every effort to kill you.
53. I really want to shoot a handgun.
54. I'm pretty good with a bow and arrow.
55. I can change my own oil and filter.
56. I tell my mom everything.
57. I am just like my dad.
58. I am an excellent card player: I learned to play Rook when I was 3, spades when I was 6, and hearts when I was 11.
59. My dad taught me how to play by counting cards.
60. I still do it.
61. I used to be very depressed.
62. But my anxiety was so high that no one noticed.
63. I love to read.
64. My favorite book is Catch-22. I read it once a year.
65. I have an autographed copy that's leather-bound with gold-leaf pages. I bought it with my first Starbucks paycheck. I don't read that copy.
66. I love New York City, especially Manhattan.
67. I'm a great cook.
68. I've been cooking for Thanksgiving since I was 13.
69. At one point, my parents thought I should be a chef.
70. It's not uncommon for me to eat 15 Oreos in one sitting.
71. I hate milk and haven't drunk it since I was 3. I taste it every few years to make sure I still dislike it.
72. I am more scared of volcanoes than of anything.
73. I hate bugs.
74. But spiders aren't bad.
75. I am the president of my sorority.
76. I dislike most "sorority girl" types.
77. I'm quite good on a mechanical bull.
78. I've been dying my hair since I was 14.
79. I respect my parents more than anyone.
80. I've always loved classic cars.
81. My parents were both music majors, and my sister sings. I do nothing musical.
82. My senior year of high school, I played James in James and the Giant Peach.
83. That spring, I played Mrs. Macafee in the musical Bye Bye Birdie.
84. Being a '50s housewife was harder than being a little British boy.
85. I have performed two plays that I either wrote or co-wrote.
86. I volunteered with Planned Parenthood for a year and a half, doing peer education through theatre.
87. I took four years of Latin.
88. I can still only say stuff about farmers and war, with one exception: Hic ego multas puellas futui (Here I fucked many girls).
89. I can't fall asleep before daylight.
90. I love chocolate.
91. For the state quiz bowl tournament my senior year, I was the only girl on the team. My coach wanted me to bring my mom so I wouldn't be alone, but she had a business trip. He let me take my best friend Leslie instead.
92. I credit Mrs. Stephens with helping me realize my potential as a writer.
93. My high school physics teacher was nuts, so I was a student aide in AP U.S. History so I wouldn't have to take it. This means I studied my script or colored in a coloring book all semester.
94. My instincts are quite good and usually right.
95. I never thought I was rich because my parents never spoiled me.
96. I miss my high school boyfriends parents a lot.
97. The first thing I ever did for myself was get my navel pierced.
98. I cried when Princess Diana died and when Matthew Shepard died.
99. My first concert was Garth Brooks at Murphy Center.
100. This took me less than one hour, perhaps because I type about 100 words a minute.


Your friendly Maytag repairman said...

Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie too! Except for maybe The Royal Tenenbaums, although I haven't seen that one 30 times like I've seen Shawshank. Seriously, I will stop whatever I'm doing to watch that movie, even though I know every scene.

TVonthefritz said...

You used to be depressed, too? Bitchin'. But then again, this is America where 90 percent of survey respondents are hooked on Prozac.

TVonthefritz said...

You're not a virgin anymore? When did this happen? And more importanly, why wasn't I informed?

theogeo said...

Duh, because you don't subscribe to Wendy's Hymen Monthly!

Manda said...

You told me what you wanted your engagement ring to look like...