Thursday, August 04, 2005

"Where Were They Going without Ever Knowing The Way"

Yes, I did buy the Tao Teh Ching today, and, yes, I know it's sometimes spelled Tao Te Ching. I'm excited - I've wanted to read this for a while. For those unfamiliar with ancient Chinese texts, it translates to "The Classic of the Way and Its Virtue." See, now you've learned something new. Or old. It's like 2000+ years old.

Several of my MySpace pals have done this thing where you Google search "[Your name] is" and then see what comes up. I'll just put the best ones. This should be good.

Wendy is...

back from Europe. That's funny, I don't remember going.

flying to Dallas. After just getting back from Europe? Damn, talk about jet lag.

dead, and only Wendy remains. That's good news. I'd hate to be dead and have only someone else remain.

supported by an all star cast of Nashville musicians. This will come in especially handy if I start bursting into song.

the powerful central character, abandoned by her lover and flung into a journey of self-discovery, with floorboards lurching violently beneath her feet and mysterious strangers drawing her into pools of dark, murky water. Yikes! Can't I just go back to Europe?

an extremely valuable, nay addictive service. I hope I'm at least turning a decent profit.

crossing the Atlantic to share her artistic passion once again in a new six-part series. So basically I'm a world traveler. Neat.

very much aware of and rooted in the Australian quilting tradition. What? No I'm not!

possessed of — or possessed by — a barbaric coquettishness. Barbaric coquettishness? How am I gonna pull that off?

a strong proponent of healthy sexuality. No argument here.

going to die Tomorrow. Then I'm not studying for my econ final.

a shamanistic totem object. We're all shamanistic totem objects inside.

now making grand plans for 2005. These include inviting pirate radio DJs to remix her forthcoming single ‘Grease Monkey’, and playing live shows in dancehalls with a band consisting of kids from the streets of New York. Further UK shows are also planned. This explains the all star cast of Nashville musicians.

not an isolated incident. There are more of me?


the master she is because she seeks truth in her work and finds it again and again. Yeah, I didn't read anything after "master."

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