Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Close Encounters of the Sheriff's Kind

Yesterday, I had lunch with Lindsey, Phil, Joey and Cox. Lindsey's taco salad was the size of a baby, not to be confused with Manda, who has openly admitted (is there any other way to admit things?) to eating babies.

I got home, and around 1:30 p.m. the doorbell rang. Tina was still asleep, so I answered the door, saw two sheriff's deputies and immediately started laughing. Apparently, this isn't the response they were looking for, but they'd already told us they weren't coming back, so I didn't care.

"We're looking for Yancey." I'm not even sure how you'd spell that.

"We've lived here since April. You guys told us you wouldn't come back - you've already been here twice. Last time we gave you our landlord's information." I gave it to them again.

"We said we wouldn't come back?"

"Yep. Thanks for not coming at 7 in the morning this time." I actually said that. He made some notes, probably something like Show up early, catch subjects off guard, and they left.

I wonder what will happen when they show up next week.

I got linked at NiT, which explains the unusually high blog traffic today. Between today's hits and yesterday's Jake Gyllenhaal searches from Trinidad and Tobago and three locales listed as "Unknown Country," I'm racking up quite the readership. What exactly is an unknown country, anyway? Surely whoever is clicking my blog knows where he or she is.

Today I met with the DM, then traveled to Green Hills to get a book. I had to go to Green Hills because Murfreesboro bookstores have philosophy sections consisting of books on Buddhism, The Tao of Pooh and the Kabbalah. Apparently, whoever categorizes this stuff is really confused on the difference between religion and philosophy. Try telling the Jewish mystics they're just philosophers. I'm sure it'll go over well.

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