Monday, March 13, 2006

"Destiny is calling me"

Actually, she's not. She's not waiting on the back of the couch for me when I get home, ready to meow her disapproval of my going to work all day. She's not around to stand on my chest and dig her claws into me while I'm trying to read at night. She's not been turning around in a circle a few times before lying down to sleep on that blanket on my bed. Hell, she's not even wreaking havoc on my blinds to sit in the window.

That's right. The Tina took the cat home for the break, and I'm really weirded out by this. It's made me realize that whenever I'm out on my own, I have to have a cat or some kind of similar pet.

I've been hanging with the chinchillas and the snake, but I'm not about to sleep with Salazar, and the chinchillas are excited to get their nightly treats and run on the wheel I put back in their cage for some exercising fun, but it's not the same as having the cat there to rub against me, lie all over my clean laundry so that's it's covered in "Destiny was here" hair.

I've even told people that my room is actually her room and she just lets me sleep there. I'm quite certain she believes it.

At least I've been able to shower and bathe without being watched - that's the only perk. Destiny always manages to push her way into my bathroom (the door doesn't completely shut), whether I'm brushing my teeth, peeing, showering or taking a bath, she's there to watch and, whenever possible, rub against my legs. Sometimes she'll stand on the edge of the tub and try to drink my bath water, but I stop her because it's full of Victoria's Secret bubble bath, and I'm not sure she's supposed to drink Romantic Wish.

The Tina will be back today, and she better bring Destiny. I can't wait to tell her how we don't have an outside trashcan anymore because Thursday's monsoon swept it to God knows where - I was at work during all this and came home to find us trashcan free. This is hilarious to me, at least until trash day.

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