Saturday, March 04, 2006

Time to Feast on Pudding

I've been craving pudding for days. I don't know why - I'm about to go to the store and get some Swiss Miss. Their pudding is far superior to the other brands - Jell-O be damned! I had caffeine today at work for the first time in a few days, and it was nice to kill the headache, although I saw stars shortly after. That's what happens when you drink nothing but Gatorade for days on end. I'll be having a Buffy marathon in my room tonight. I'm having trouble deciding between seasons one and six. Aye me. And now, it's time for the feast.

How many pillows and blankets do you sleep with?
Two pillows, one down comforter. I have a Pirates of the Caribbean blanket (I think this is completely normaly, by the way) that usually sleeps by my head or serves as a footwarmer, and I have another fleece blanket by my head on the other side. I sleep in the middle of my bed, and the blankets keep the cat from tearing up my satin sheets with her razor-sharp claws of death. OK, they're not that bad, but if she wants to make biscuits, she can do so without damaging my bedding this way.

What are you currently "addicted" to?
It's certainly not random quotation marks. Right now it'd have to be movies, with the Oscars being Sunday. I'm also addicted to caffeine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. I watched the complete fourth season in two days.

If you could make a small change to your current routine or schedule that would make you just a little bit happier, what would it be?
I need a drastic change - a small change isn't going to cut it. If I had to choose, I'd like to spend more time with my friends, but seeing as how they've scattered about the country, that isn't really possible. OK, actually answering the salad question: I'd spend at least an hour a day doing something just for myself, most likely reading or taking a bubble bath, shutting out the rest of the world.

Main Course
Which adjective do you find yourself using often?
I have several current favorites: tragic, fucking (always up there on the list), chaotic, ridiculous, nuts, unpredictable

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?
I barely weigh 100 pounds, so that's an extreme no. I'm a little girl, and, let's face it, it wouldn't be too hard to throw me in a ditch somewhere. I don't stop to help stranded drivers, either, if I'm alone. If I'm out driving around with my dad, that's another story, but if it's just me, and there's a random stranded driver, I don't buy it. Most people either call someone or start walking toward the exit. Keep your tire iron out of my skull, buddy. Oh, and add random to my list of adjectives. I like that one.

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