Friday, March 03, 2006

Even More Proof That I'm Weird OR More Cowbell

Perhaps not so much cowbell - right now I'm fever free, at least for the moment. It's a nice change to all the sweats and chills and shakes and all the other joys of fever, especially considering I have to work Friday night, which I guess is technically today.

I didn't kill The Tina! She is not infected with the plague that has me sick. Also, in case I forgot to mention, my parents and Mike and Fran all have been sick, too, so it's a family and close friends affair. It's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering - just the only one in Murfreesboro. The ultrasound results came in and were normal, so a special shoutout to The Girls(yes, that's what I call them) for not having cancer. That's a real treat.

Bambi just tagged me for a little weird meme: I'm supposed to list six weird things about myself (or weird habits) and then tag six other people. It's going to be hard deciding, but here goes.

1. My natural hair color is...almost black. It's a very dark brown that really doesn't work with my skin tone. It's pretty close to the color my sister dyes her hair (she dyes hers darker than her natural color). I even color my eyebrows so that it's not so obvious that I really look like Morticia Adams.

2. When I have weekend nights off from work, I prefer to spend them with my parents drinking and listening to music rather than going out to bars and clubs. I say it's because they pay, but, really, my parents are better company than most 20somethings.

3. I know my way around Manhattan way better than I know my way around Nashville. I've never lived in Manhattan, but I've lived within 30 minutes of Nashville for 15 years. Manhattan streets make sense: All you do is count.

4. I find math, especially calculus, to be extremely relaxing and calming. If I'm stressed out, I sometimes do math to calm down. If I have homework, I always force myself to do my other homework first and save my math for the end, because I like it.

5. Unless I'm alone in my room or in an otherwise private setting, if I'm writing (as in, writing something for myself), I use Greek. I find most people can't read it at a glance, and it keeps them from trying. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people read something personal without my permission. The blog, of course, is fair game.

6. I sew for fun. I don't spread that one around, either, but it's true. My mom taught me when I was nine, and I find it is also very relaxing. I usually do it while watching many episodes of Buffy.

Tagging six weird people I know: Jessie, Claire, The Tina, Chrissy, Lindsey (for tagging me with that book thing) and Kristin, because I'm actually going to link you now.

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