Thursday, March 16, 2006

Molestings, All Around! OR Why I Should Frequent Class More Often

I went to class today in one of my rare but exciting cameo appearances (hold your judgements - remember that blood-coughing incident a few weeks back?) because I thought I was having a test. I fought TSSAA traffic, cursed slow drivers in the parking lot, frantically walked across campus, bought a ScanTron, and moseyed into class one minute late, only to find...

No professor, and a fairly empty classroom.

One of the guys in class (let's not kid ourselves here - I don't know names of these people) was all, "Don't you know what happened?"

The rest of the class, like yours truly, stared blankly.

"That guy got taken to jail last night."

"That guy" refers to this guy, who I vaguely remember from class as being the one who mutilated the curve for everyone else on account of his being a former attorney and this class being Insurance in Estate Planning.

Fine by me. Guess we won't be seeing him again. I'm not sure where the professor was (the arrested guy - Rasmussen - was a member of Gamma Iota Sigma (he was even wearing the shirt when arrested, according to the in-the-know guy in class, and our professor was the adviser, but I doubt that's related), but we had a sub - Porter, who has taught all of my previous insurance classes. He's a blast.

The greatest part about all this: click on the link above, and then take a stab at what the photo file name is.


Now I don't feel so bad that we had a photo folder at Sidelines named Guns and Weed.

Hey, it was for a story.

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