Thursday, December 22, 2005

The DoD Won't Let Me Be

I take back my disappointed from earlier. It was a good birthday. And a happy 27th anniversary to my parents today!

Mostly I've just been hanging out and working - both important activities.

I missed Tolstoy Tuesday - I'll post that later.

This was my first birthday since joining the Facebook, and I got a slew of wall posts, most of which read something like this: "Get ripped for me;" "Get drunk for me;" "Use a designated driver;" and one "Get laid."

So I figured I HAD to post lest everyone think I died of alocohol poisoning.

Sadly, the DoD thinks my blog is unfit for JR's reading. I'm more than amused by this.

Last night I went to Jim's to BEAT ROBERT AT DARTS! Sorry, if you ever saw me play you'd see how that's a big deal. Granted, he spotted me one on each, but it's still an impressive feat for me. So while we're there some Jackass would not SHUT THE HELL UP. He kept talking and talking and telling shitty jokes about women and I was tempted to throw a dart at him and be all, "Whoops, it slipped. It must be because I have a vagina and therefore can't play darts." He eventually left and restored order to the universe.

It was recently pointed out to me that I have a good situation right now. I'm inclined to agree. This is mainly because, as I said before, I'm label free. It was almost a conversation, but being as though it was a man, almost a conversation is more than enough.

I'm working tonight and tomorrow, and then I'm off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Woot!

Thanks to those who remembered my birthday. It was swell!

Tonight's agenda: Work (closing), shoot some pool, drink some drinks, see what happens. Always a promising venture.

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