Monday, December 19, 2005

Age 22: Volume 1

In less than 24 hours it will be my birthday, and the thought of being 23 kind of freaks me out. So walk with me while I take a moment to reflect the past year of my life. I originally planned to do a month-by-month breakdown, but instead, I've picked my favorite blog(s) per month and/or favorite quotations from my blogs. Enjoy revisiting my uncanny wit. Or at least my attempt at it. Here's the first half of my year at 22.

"Good news - we've just distinguished between bastard and illegitimate children." from Attention Brainiacs: It's Time to Breed More

"Today I discovered that I cannot walk and drink hot chocolate at the same time. How embarassing." from Matt-Who? No, that's lame.

And the blog of the month...
Aidan Sign My Bra! Oh Shit, Someone Stole It!

"I have given her the extremely important responsibility of bringing me back a cheesy souvenir from San Francisco. I'm talking really cheesy, like a box of Rice-A-Roni made to look like a cable car and wrapped in a rainbow-colored gay pride shirt." from "My unrivaled awesomeness!"

"Matt and I ate air freshener.

I only ate it because Nick said, "It says, 'Tastes like candy. Eat all of it at once.'" Matt, however, ate it because he's an idiot." from Mmm...Tangy!

And the blog of the month...
ERICA and Wendy go to Bad Cracker Barrel

Blog of the month...
Erica Checked Out My Rack

"After work, Thomas, Kristen, and I went to Chili's for food and drinks for Thomas and Me (those of legal age). Wow. I just realized I capitalized the word "me." How incredibly vain. I'd delete it, but it's amusing." from He Might Be British

And the blog of the month...
Excuse Me While I Remove the Stick from Your Ass and Beat You with It

"Why the fuck does Krystal have salads? No one ever thinks: 'Gee, I'm really drunk. Let's go to Krysal and get some salads!'" from Perhaps A Salad from Krystal Will Delay The Impending Stroke

"Of course, it came with all the proper warnings to keep me from accidentally suffocating myself in a fit of glee. 'This bag is not a toy.' No shit! I have yet, in my 22 1/2 years of existence (sans womb time), come across a bag that was a toy. Why would I think that this one bag on this bathroom contraption is, in fact, the first bag toy ever?" from This Bag Is Not a Toy...But This Lightsaber Is!

And the blog of the month...
Congratulations on Your Deflowering

Check this out for my purposefully bad fanfic for Manda: You've Been Bamboozled!

And the blog of the month...
My Mouth Had An Orgasm; I Had A Panic Attack

Volume 2 will cover July through December.

It recently occurred to me that this has been the most difficult year of my life to date. The things I had to deal with at age 22 were some of the most trying times I've experienced, and I'm happy to say that I made it. I'm OK. I head into the eve of my 23rd birthday with the confidence to know that I am a strong person, despite what I sometimes think, and that my struggles have contributed to that. More on this later...I need to sleep, because, with any luck, once I wake up I'll be up all night.

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theogeo said...

Twenty-three ain't so bad. I'm kinda scared about 24, though.