Friday, December 09, 2005

Sloth: The Best Deadly Sin

Everyone around me is moving, and yet I'm standing still, mainly because I'm still sore from this surgery thing.

Fern called me yesterday. It wasn't the kind of call to ask how I was like my boss did. It was more, "Do you have a key to the building?" Yes, but it's not a Sidelines key - I got it from the office that makes keys on campus. "We're having some people here over the weekend." Well, that's swell. I just had a laser in close proximity to my uterus, so I don't really care who you're having over. I'll be back sometime this weekend, but I can't drive until I'm off painkillers. Thanks for playing interrupt my day of rest!

Cox is in DC, hopefully getting a kick-ass job and convincing Sonny to come back with him. I'm not so sure the latter will happen, but I can dream, right?

JR is preparing for civilian life, something he used to be really good at, and I have no doubt he'll be back to hitting on barely-legals in no time. Oh, JR, how you always make my life more interesting in fun - you know I love you.

Brandonian is in Memphis doing some job searching. He can fix anything, so I'm sure he'll have a job. If not, when I'm rich, I'll hire him to handle my personal computer problems and teach me cool photoshopping tricks. Woot!

Lindsey is...still Lindsey. But she commented on my blog and that made me happy!

The Sidelines kids are having a party thing tonight, but I can't go, because of being bedridden. That sucks. I'm going to miss the hell out of those people.

Last night I watched The Interpreter, and I was once again reminded of why I love Nicole Kidman so damned much.

Here are some cool things I've done to pass the time while I've been in bed:
1) I've been able to catch up on Pardon the Interruption, which is quite possibly my favorite show - definitely my favorite non-series show.
2) I've done a lot of crossword puzzles and things of that nature. I'm really good at knowing a three-letter word for "viper" (it's asp).
3) I've eaten a lot and had tons of Gatorade - just like the pros! Yep, I'm fully hydrated now.
4) I've watched lots of movies and Dead Like Me. I'm definitely embracing the "sloth" deadly sin.
5) I get to catch up on all the blogs from my dear friends scattered across the world.
6) I've been frantically trying to reach my professors, as I've been trying to do for a month or so. This is very frustrating and will most likely make me cry at some point.
7) I've balanced my checkbook and realized I'm at least still $300 short for bills this month, and that doesn't even include buying anyone anything for Christmas. This has already made me cry.
8) I've worried about my aunt and cousins. She and my uncle told them last night that they were having problems. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach, thinking of my aunt and those girls having to go through that.
9) I'm blogging from bed. How cool is that?

Finally, it's my uncle's birthday today. So, in honor of that, here's a poem (I wrote it myself):

Here's to a happy birthday
Today's your special day
Sign here, and here, initial here
Go on your merry way

You won't need these - they're just your keys
There's no need to come in
You don't live here anymore
A hotel's where you've been

We've packed an overnight bag
And we'll ship your mom your shit
And while you're exiting the house
Don't let the doorknob hit


TVonthefritz said...

I know you probably don't give two farts from a rat's ass, but Fern, I'm pretty sure, has come across our blogs. I keep getting Google referrals of "Fern+Greenbank+Sidelines+Adviser+Fascist."

Wendy said...

LOL mostly I get hits from people looking for shit like "girls who want cock in dyersburg, tn" - I swear I've gotten that one!